FMathL Vision

FMathL (= Formal Mathematical Language) is the working title for a modeling and documentation language for mathematics, suited to the habits of mathematicians, to be developed in a project at the University of Vienna.

Our long-term vision is the creation of an expert system called MathResS ( = Mathematical Research System that supports mathematicians and scientists dealing with mathematics in:

resulting in a net speed-up for the user rather than requiring extra efforts.

The underlying database of informal, partly formalized and fully formalized mathematics will be as useful to the computer-assisted scientist as ordinary mathematics libraries are for the ordinary scientist, and will soon become indispensable for the working mathematicians.

If our vision succeeds, the system to be created will change the way mathematics is done in practice: in the classroom, in research, and in the industry. Due to the ability of the system to address large-scale applications, scientists and engineers will directly profit from the ease with which they can do their modeling.

It will no longer be necessary to learn specialized languages for solving mathematical problems -- the common mathematical language taught anyway to scientists and engineers will provide direct access to the solution facilities.

As a result, modeling cycles will become shorter, more complex problems become tractable more easily, and experts can concentrate on the parts where their expertise is needed most.

Human expertise will gradually move away from being able to execute repetitive mathematical thinking activities to being able to evaluate the conditions under which such activities are most usefully employed.

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