Wrinkling for Clothes and Faces (and other things)

Modeling Human Facial Expressions

Standards for Facial Animation

J.P. Mellor
Vision (both biological and computer) and its role in the human/machine interface; image guided surgery

Jonathan Carr
2D and 3D warping with radial basis functions

Craniofacial Identification Newsletter (facial reconstruction from skull)

Facial Animation, fleshing out of anotomic structure

Institute for Craniofacial Plastic Surgery

Cranio-Facial modelling

The Visible Human Project

``a true 3D atlas of the head, skull and brain from the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science in Medicine, Hamburg''

Computer Aided Surgery and Treatment Planning at the Mayo Clinic
a.o. on craniofacial surgery planning

Toy Story

Toy Story: A Triumph of Animation (CGW Magazine - August 1995)

Animation Master Hobbyist

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