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Background References

Interval Analysis - Basics for global optimization (ps.gz-file, 1813K; slides by Hermann Schichl and Arnold Neumaier)

What Is Global Optimization? (from the GLOBSOL site)

For books on global optimization, see
Introduction to Global Optimization

A comprehensive background on local optimization can be found in the book
Jorge Nocedal, Stephen J. Wright, Numerical Optimization, Springer Series in Operations Research, Springer Verlag 1999
and for interior point methods, in
S.J. Wright, Primal-Dual Interior-Point Methods, SIAM, Philadelphia 1997. A comprehensive archive on online information is at
Global (and Local) Optimization WWW site.


AMPL: A Modeling Language for Mathematical Programming
The official site

AMPL Problem Submission to NEOS

Hooking Your Own Solver to AMPL
Help for creating an interface to AMPL

Nonlinear Optimization Models in AMPL (collected by Bob Vanderbei)
AMPL files for many problems from practical applications (including the CUTE and Hock-Schittkowski problems)

Test Problems for Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming (AMPL) (collected by Sven Leyffer)

Interval Techniques

Notation for Scholarly Works Involving Interval Computations
A must for publication in Reliable Computing

Interval Computations
This is Vladik Kreinovich's comprehensive interval archive.
Send relevant missing information to him.

SUN Interval Site
featuring the new Fortran compiler with fast interval arithmetic

Baker Kearfott's Interval Site
With a reference to his book `Rigorous Global Search'.

Interval Methods
Arnold Neumaier's interval site. With a reference to his book `Interval Methods for Systems of Equations'; unfortunately out of print now.