Limits of Growth

Mathematics of System Dynamics

Road Maps: A Guide to Learning System Dynamics

System Dynamics

What is System Dynamics?

Thematic Guide to Integrated Assessment Modeling

Background Articles and Abstracts on Integrated Assessment Modeling

MIT System Dynamics Group

System Dynamics Bibliography

Ecosystem Management Tools and Techniques


World Resources 1996-1997 [background; extensive data on discette]

Environmental Data

SEDAC, Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center

U.S. Government Geospatial Data on the Internet

Demographic Ressources

GeoData Information Sources

1997 World Population Data Sheet

Global Change Master Directory

Statistical Resources on the Web


Climate Change Integrated Assessment Modeling: The Model Visualization and Analysis Service (Alpha Test)

THRESHOLD 21 National Sustainable Development Model (commercial)

Simulation models (GSF-Forschungszentrum für Umwelt und Gesundheit)

Global CO2 Model


SCICOS, Dynamic System Builder and Simulator
``a simulation environment in which both continuous systems and discrete systems co-exist. ... The objective of the development of Scicos is along the lines of that of Scilab, that is to provide the scientific community with a a completely open and free environment for scientific computing.''

The M Modelling and Visualization Environment ( download)
``M is an integrated environment for the development, visualization and application of simulations of dynamic systems. M comprises a mathematical formalism, a simulator that solves the equations and handles data management and a graphical interface to define input scenarios, to inspect model results and to document and present the model itself. Without any programming, large simulations with easy-to-use graphical interfaces can be built.''

Dynamical Systems: Software

Dynamical Systems Web Resources

Systems and simulation resources


Overpopulation FAQ

The Future Population of the World

Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development

Digital Design and Communication Tools for Sustainable Energy Development

Sustainable Development/Economics Bibliography

Best environmental directories

The Future of the Global Environment (by United Nations Environment Programme)

International Institute of Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA)

What is Sustainable Development?

Sustainable Packaging


Our Global Neighbourhood

Articles on Globalization

Globalization Studies


Internationalization in College Education

Global Change

Climate Change Information Kit

Mensch und globale Umweltveränderung

Dutch National Research Programme on Global Air Pollution and Climate Change (NRP)

Climate and Environmental Physics, Bern, Switzerland

World Climate Research Programme

Center for Integrated Study of the Human Dimensions of Global Change, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA

Response of Earth's ecosystems to global change


Environmental Modeling and Assessment


Hartmut Bossel, Modellbildung und Simulation, Vieweg, Braunschweig 1992
(and the table of contents of the English version)

Nancy Roberts et al., Introduction to computer simulation: A System Dynamics Modeling Approach, Productivity Press 1994
(and a review)

Wolfgang Metzler, Dynamische Systeme in der Ökologie, Teubner, Stuttgart 1987

Henk A. J. Mulder, Wouter Biesiot, Transition to a Sustainable Society: A Backcasting Approach to Modelling Energy and Ecology, Edward Elgar Publ., Aldershot 1998
(and a book description)

Marco Janssen, Modelling Global Change: The Art of Integrated Assessment Modelling, Edward Elgar Publ., Aldershot 1998
(and a Review)

F. Goldin and L.A. Winters (eds.), The Economics of Sustainable Development, Cambridge 1995
(and a table of contents)

Norman Clark et al., Evolutionary dynamics and sustainable development: a systems approach, Edward Elgar Publ., Aldershot 1995

World's energy resources; population, resources and the environment

GEO Bookstore: Sustainable Economics

Combusem Bookstore: Ecological Economics


Global 2000

Greenpeace International


biological effects of electric and magnetic fields

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