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[the source of my list]

Telefon Online Auskunft Deutschland

German Yellow Pages

Fax Directory of Germany

Global telephone numbers and email addresses

International Telephone Directory

Canada Telephone Directory

Links to on-line directories

Warsun Telephone Callback


Save up to 50% on nationwide hotel reservations


Global 2000

Greenpeace International

"Stop Nuclear Tests!"

The High Energy Weapons Archive (very extensive list of topics and sites)

Amnesty International (Most of [you] reading this live in free countries - if this makes you grin cynically, try out some of the unfree ones. -- Terry Pratchett, writer)

The White House


World map

Europe map (15K)

USA map (62K)

Xerox PARC World Map Viewer (zoomable, but not impressive)

Other directories

ESP - Email Search Program

E-mail Address Directories

FOUR11 directory service (homepages etc.)

WHO's On-line

Web Directories and Recommendations for surfing the WWW

Find a Person (Names in U.S.A. for $20)


Medieval Resourses

Eurocard Hotline +49 69/7933 1910

currency rates

EngiNet Berlin


Music Boulevard
cheap, good information; 4 CDs shipping to Austria: $11.24

CDworld: The Largest Internet DISCOUNT Music Store
cheap, little information; 4 CDs shipping to Austria: fast: $14.00, slow: $11.00

telnet, cheap, good information; 4 CDs shipping to Austria: $15.69


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