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Project Gutenberg
``public domain electronic text editions of out of copyright works''

Classics at the Online Literature Library (e.g., Through The Looking Glass, by Lewis Carroll)

Short Story Search, a catalogue of over 1500 short works available online, including short story fiction, short novels, essays, and others

Online Books FAQ (with information on copyright, etc.)

Databases (including poem finder, etc.)

Electronic Books at Wiretap (gopher)

Christian Classics Ethereal Library (Classic Christian books in electronic format)

The Great Books of Western Civilization (21K)

Perseus Project (Online Greek Authors in English translation)

Golden Gale Electronic Books (zip-files, for DOS)

On-line Books from the National Academy of Sciences USA

Library of Congress (with lots of interesting information)

Electronic Bookshelf


William Shakespeare

Blaise Pascal

German Online Books

Projekt Gutenberg-DE

Die Bibliothek der Märchen

Deutsche Literatur im Internet - Sammlungen

Antike Texte

Karl May (German)


Other Lists of Literature Available On the Internet

taken from here (21K) and there.

The CMU Online Books

The Electronic Text Center at the University of Virginia

The Online Book Initiative

The Oxford Text Archives

The Tech Classics Archive

The Voice of the Shuttle: Web Page for Humanities Research

The World-Wide Web Virtual Library


World Civilzations Reader

ALEX: Katalog der Bücher im Internet

Books Online: Bücher in englischer Sprache

The On-line Books Page

Die Bibel (Elberfelder Ausgabe)

Classics Archive: Griechische Klassiker in englischer Sprache

ETEXT Archives: Bücher in englischer Sprache

Project Gutenberg: Deutsche Literatur

Project Libellus: Lateinische und Alt-Griechische Texte

Online Book Initiative via GNN

Oxford Text Archive (OTA)

Philosophie: elektronische Texte Vatican Library

Christus Rex et Redemptor Mundi, writings of Pope John Paul II

50 Banned Books That Everyone Should Read from Banned Books On-line

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