My own work in physics

My formal publications on physics are in Online Publications Physics by A. Neumaier. In addition, various informal essays can be found at the following places:

A theoretical physics FAQ

Ein theoretisches Physik FAQ
(Deutsche Ergänzungen zum englischen FAQ, u.a. mit einer Diskussion meiner thermischen Interpretation der Quantenmechanik)

Was eine Interpretation der Quantenmechanik beantworten sollte

Collapse challenge for interpretations of quantum mechanics

My Comments on 'Basic Concepts and their Interpretation' by H.D. Zeh

Search for Physics Papers

Spires database search (High Energy Physics preprints at SLAC)

Spires database search (High Energy Physics preprints at DESY) Physics e-Print archive at LANL

To Submit a Paper

2003 PACS Physics and Astronomy Classification Scheme

reviews of many quant-ph papers on quantum computing

General Physics

Motion Mountain - The Physics Textbook
A general overview in (as of 2011) six volumes and over 2000 pages

This Week's Finds in Mathematical Physics (by John Baez)

Physics FAQ

Sci.Physics.Research Archive

Relativistic Theory of Atoms and Molecules I-III (bibliography database)


Review of Particle Physics (by the Particle Data Group)

Online Particle Physics Information

Light-Front Dynamics

FeynDiagram, for drawing high quality PostScript Feynman diagrams

NIST Reference on Constants, Units, and Uncertainty

Table of Fundamental Physical Constants local copy)

Atomic Mass Data Center

Data Available from the Nuclear Information Service

Nuclear Data Viewer

IAEA Nuclear Data Centre

Particle Classification

The Standard Model of Fundamental Particles and Interactions

Quark und Higgs

The Earth and Moon

Particle Physics Phenomenology from Lattice QCD


Modern Relativity

Relativity in Celestial Mechanics and Astrometry (post-Newtonian dynamics)

Living Reviews in Relativity

Loop Quantum Gravity (online survey by Carlo Rovelli)

Relativity at Syracuse Univ.

Speeds of Propagation in Classical and Relativistic Extended Thermodynamics

Relativistic Thermodynamics

Ingo Müller

An Introduction to Relativistic Electronic Structure Theory in Quantum Chemistry (Survey by Brian Kellogg)

Planetary motion

Solar System Dynamics at JPL

Planetary Data System

ICRS, International Celestial Reference System

Planetary Ephemeris Data, The Observational Data to which Modern Planetary and Lunar Ephemerides are Adjusted

Recent Papers and Information Related to Ephemerides

Standard Planetary Information, Formulae and Constants

A Brief Introduction to Chaos in the Solar System by J. Wisdom

Astro Dynamics Group Vienna

Quantum Field Theory

Deformation Quantization Home Page

Algebraic Quantum Field Theory

Local Quantum Physics Crossroads

Algebraic Quantum Field Theory (Hamburg)

Steven Weinberg

Quantum Optics

Quantum Optics and Atom Optics links (including a very long list of institutions and people)

The discovery of polarization

History of Light

Quantum Chemistry

General Atomic and Molecular Electronic Structure System (GAMESS) ab initio quantum chemistry package

Dalton QCP quantum chemistry program

GULP, General Utility Lattice Program

Database of Published Interatomic Parameters

Atoms in Molecules

WebElements Periodic table (professional edition)

Crystal Lattice Structures

Phonon Frequencies

General Chemistry Topic Review (tutorials)

Modelling Complex Structures (amorphous silicon)


Conferences on Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Optics, and Symmetry Problems in Physics

Physics Conference Menu

Tagungen der DPG

Physicsweb (with lists of conferences, jobs, books, etc.)

Physics and Philosophy

Links on Quantum Information (Reinhard Werner)

Quantum Information (John Preskill)

My links to quantum mysteries

Quantum Set Theory (by Tony Smith)

Measurement in quantum mechanics FAQ

Some Physics Jokes


Online Physics Journals

Physics Journals on the WEB

Physical Reviews

Few-Body Systems, Table of Contents

Table of journal table-of-contents pointers

Some Institutions

Physics Departments Worldwide

Nobel Prize in Physics Winners

Relativity and Quantum Gravity Groups

Deformation Quantization Home Pages

Particle Physics at the Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Vienna

Institute for Theoretical Physics

Department of Physics, University of Freiburg, Germany

CQC Members (Oxford)


Biographies of Physicists

Rudolf Ahlswede

John Baez

C. Chandler

David Deutsch

Jens Eisert

Volker Enss (scattering theory)

David Finkelstein

Murray Gell-Mann

Archie G. Gibson

Gerard t'Hooft

Walter Hunziker (scattering theory)

Karel Kuchar

Werner Kutzelnigg (Relativistic quantum theory)

Willis Lamb

Ulf Leonhardt (quantum optics) and his publications

Hans-Christian Pauli (Discretized Light-Cone Quantization)

Martin Plenio

Jochen Rau (algebraic renormalization and transport theory)

Carlo Rovelli (General Relativity and Quantum Gravity)

Peter Shor (Quantum Computing)

Israel Michael Sigal (scattering theory)

Lee Smolin

Rafael Sorkin

Henry Stapp

Ray Streater

Ian Thompson

András Vasy (scattering theory)

Pieter Vermaas

Wojciech Zurek

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