Publications by Arnold Neumaier

Of making many books there is no end, and much study wearies the body.
(Eccl. 12:12)

A= Analysis, C = Combinatorics, F = Foundations
L = Linear Algebra, N = Numerical Analysis, O = Optimization,
P = Physics/Chemistry, S = Statistics,
* = Comprehensive state of the art survey article or book, + = other highly significant publication,


A. Neumaier and D. Westra, Classical and Quantum Mechanics via Lie algebras, to appear (2022?).

A. Neumaier, Coherent Quantum Physics: A Reinterpretation of the Tradition, de Gruyter, Berlin 2019.

Ch. Jermann, A. Neumaier and D. Sam (eds.), Global Optimization and Constraint Satisfaction, 193 pp., Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3478, Springer-Verlag, Berlin 2005.

Ch. Bliek, Ch. Jermann and A. Neumaier (eds.), Global Optimization and Constraint Satisfaction, 238 pp., Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2861, Springer-Verlag, Berlin 2003.

A. Neumaier, Introduction to Numerical Analysis, 356 pp., Cambridge Univ. Press, Cambridge 2001.

A. Neumaier, Interval Methods for Systems of Equations. 255 pp., Encyclopedia of Mathematics and its Applications 37, Cambridge Univ. Press, Cambridge 1990.

A.E. Brouwer, A.M. Cohen and A. Neumaier, Distance Regular Graphs, 495 pp., Ergebnisse der Mathematik und ihrer Grenzgebiete, 3. Folge, Band 18, Springer, Berlin 1989.

Chapters in Books

P. Schodl, A. Neumaier, K. Kofler, F. Domes, and H. Schichl, Towards a Self-reflective, Context-aware Semantic Representation of Mathematical Specifications, Chapter 3 in: Modeling Languages in Mathematical Optimization (J. Kallrath, ed.), Springer, 2012.

M. Fuchs, D. Girimonte, D. Izzo, and A. Neumaier, Robust and automated space system design, Chapter (pp. 251-272) in: Robust intelligent systems (A. Schuster, ed.), Springer, 2008.

A. Neumaier, Complete Search in Continuous Global Optimization and Constraint Satisfaction, Chapter (pp. 271-369) in: Acta Numerica 2004 (A. Iserles, ed.), Cambridge University Press 2004.

H. Schichl and A. Neumaier, The NOP-2 Modeling Language, Chapter 15 in: Modeling Languages in Mathematical Optimization (J. Kallrath, ed.), Applied Optimization, Vol. 88, Kluwer, Boston 2004.

A. Neumaier, Mathematical Model Building, Chapter 3 in: Modeling Languages in Mathematical Optimization (J. Kallrath, ed.), Applied Optimization, Vol. 88, Kluwer, Boston 2004.

Submitted for Publication

A. Neumaier and A. Ghaani Farashahi, Introduction to coherent quantization, Manuscript (2021).

S. Penjic and A. Neumaier, A unified view of inequalities for distance-regular graphs, Part II, Manuscript (2020).

A. Baharev, A. Neumaier, and H. Schichl, Tearing systems of nonlinear equations II. A practical exact algorithm, Manuscript (2016).

A. Baharev, A. Neumaier, and H. Schichl, Tearing systems of nonlinear equations I. A survey, Manuscript (2016).

Accepted for Publication

M. Kimiaei and A. Neumaier, Efficient unconstrained black box optimization, Math. Programming Comput., to appear (2022).

Articles in Refereed Journals

M. Kimiaei, A. Neumaier and B. Azmi, LMBOPT - a limited memory method for bound-constrained optimization, Math. Programming Comput., published online 10.January 2022.

M. Kimiaei and A. Neumaier, A limited memory for unconstrained nonlinear least squares, Soft Computing, published online 13. December 2021.

A. Neumaier and S. Penjic, On bounding the diameter of a distance-regular graph, Combinatorica (2021), published online 25.11.2021.

A. Baharev, H. Schichl, A. Neumaier, and T. Achterberg, An exact method for the minimum feedback arc set problem, ACM J. Exper. Alg. 26 (2021), 1.4.

S. Penjic and A. Neumaier, A unified view of inequalities for distance-regular graphs, Part I, J. Combinatorial Theory, Series B, online 5 October 2020.

F. Domes, T. Montanher, H. Schichl and A. Neumaier, Rigorous global filtering methods with interval unions, pp.249--267 in: Beyond Traditional Probabilistic Data Processing Techniques: Interval, Fuzzy, etc. Methods and Their Applications (O. Kosheleva, et al., eds.), Springer, New York 2020.

A. Baharev, A. Neumaier, H. Schichl. A manifold-based approach to sparse global constraint satisfaction problems, Journal of Global Optimization 75 (2019), 949-971.

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T. Montanher, A. Neumaier, M.C. Markot, F. Domes and H. Schichl, Rigorous packing of unit squares into a circle, J. Global Optimization 73 (2019), 547-565. (published online October 6, 2018)

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