Books That Shaped my Views

Here is a list of books that helped to shape my personal views in a significant way. I am only listing those books that made my heart glow when I read them first, that left traces of that feeling till today, and that I still read with interest and with profit. (Hmmm, the list seems still incomplete, the longer I think of it...)

Of course, there is the bible, the eternal classic. I was taught to read it at home, but wasn't too impressed. Later, however, I rediscovered the bible.

Then there are the two books that deepened my initial commitment to Christ:

and valuable books I came across later:

Some non-Christian books also had a major influence on my thinking:

This is the main trace of my eating through mountains of books. There are many other books that left a little impact here or there, but not as much as these. (Apart from science books, but this is another story...)

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