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Membership in the Fellowship is open to all individuals who hold a bachelor's or higher degree in one of the mathematical, physical or biological disciplines (or who are actively engaged in research in one of these disciplines) and who are baptized Christians.

Associate membership is open to interested individuals who are not eligible for full membership and to individuals eligible for full membership who wish to try the form of practice before making a full commitment. More details are available in the Constitution.

For membership requests or further information, write to the

or contact

The Fellowship is grateful to Arnold Neumaier, a mathematics professor from Vienna, Austria, for providing space for and maintaining these web pages. You may want to visit his pages on Christianity, his collection of links on science and faith, or his views on the Christian way of life.

There is a mirror site of the Fellowship of Scientists web pages, maintained by Dan Berger, a chemistry professor from Bluffton, Ohio, USA.

Form of Practice