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Raymond C. Stedman
``The most powerful motivation to get people to read their Bibles is to help them see that it is here they can learn how the universe operates. I do not mean the physical universe---I mean the world of social relationships and what God has in store now, in this life, and in the future to come, and how these two relate to each other. The only place we can get straight information on this is here in this book. Once people catch that, they want to read the book to study it, grow in it and thoroughly understand it. Jesus said, "He that follows me shall not walk in darkness but shall have the light of life." A lady said to me this week, "I came to the place where I decided that I would study my Bible as thoroughly and with as much effort as I studied real estate a few years ago, to learn how to be a real estate agent. When I began to put that much effort into it the book came alive and I've grown so much and understood so much since."''
``... our Lord puts it on these exact terms: "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me." But the surprising thing is, everyone is unaware when this happened. Both the sheep and the goats say to the Lord, "Lord, when did we see you hungry? When did we see you in prison or sick, and ministered to you? When did we do this?" God does not judge, as we do, by the moments of life when we are aware of what we are doing. The evaluation of God comes in moments of unconsciousness, when we act not out of what we want others to see but what we have actually become. Thus, in the unconscious tests, the unconscious moments of life, we are demonstrating what money means to us in relationship to God. Those are the moments God sees and uses to show us where our hearts' affection has lain."''
(From his page GET SMART WITH MONEY!)

Lambert Dolphin (Geophysics)

Jesse W. Brogan, A Spiritual Biography (Industrial Engineering; Management)

Frans Faase (Computer scientist, wrote html2tex)

India (Mathematics)
with many links on Rational Christianity

Glenn Miller (Philosophy; Theology; Computer Science)
``committed evangelical disciple of Jesus Christ for the last 40 years of my life, research/writer/speaker, IT business executive...''

Manfred Hauenschild (Mathematics)

Carl Dettmann (Applied Mathematics)

Rosalind Picard (Computer Science)

Dieter Hattrup (Mathematics, Physics, Theology)

John Polkinghorne (Anglican priest, former professor of mathematical physics at Cambridge, UK)

Bruce Gordon (Historian and philosopher of modern physics)

Jutta Janeschitz

Steven Schimmrich (Geology)
From his former web site: ``I am a creationist. I'm also finishing up a Ph.D. in geology, believe that the earth is approximately 4,600,000,000 years old, and have taught concepts of biological evolution in invertebrate paleontology labs.''

Ken Penner (Theology)
From his former web site: ``I'm trying to let people make decisions based on more evidence than they had before they read my message. Just yesterday at a missionary meeting I heard it said that God's will is what your will would be if you knew all the facts. The closer we are to knowing all the facts, the more likely we are to have our wills in line with God's. ... I want to inform people about the options so that they can make their decisions more effectively.''

Ya-Ping Wong (Computer Animation)
From his former web site; ``I am not interested in the teaching of any specific denominations or groups but I am interested in what the Bible has to teach me.''

Tom Epperly (Chemical Engineering)

Michael Heisig (Mathematical Biology)

Ian Chai (Computer Science)
with a good collection of humorous stories

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