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This is a comprehensive archive of online information on (almost exclusively non-commercial) global optimization, and somewhat less comprehensive on local optimization, collected by Arnold Neumaier on the web server of the Computational Mathematics group at the University of Vienna, Austria. Later on this page there is a Table of Contents of this Site.

Please help to keep the archive up to date by informing me at about new or missing electronic documents related to public domain work on global optimization, and about links that are no longer working.

Related, but not formally part of this site are two other sites maintained by our research group in Vienna:

  • The GICOLAG web site, featuring the slides of most talks of the visiting and research program ''Global Optimization - Integrating Convexity, Optimization, Logic Programming, and Computational Algebraic Geometry'', held by the International Erwin Schrödinger Institute for Mathematical Physics (ESI) Vienna, Austria from October 1 - December 23, 2006. The slides give an accurate snapshot of the state of the art in complete global optimization as of December 2006.

  • The COCONUT web site with many links specifically devoted to the activities of the European COCONUT project, with the goal of integrating various existing complete approaches to global optimization into a uniform whole, and a current follow-up project.

    This archive was created on September 1, 1995); it contains more than 1000 links to sources outside our server.

    I try to maintain a complete coverage of public domain algorithms on continuous global optimization; many references to combinatorial and local optimization are included for my (and your) convenience, but there I don't aim at completeness. Thanks to all who helped me by providing useful information.

    Please write me to if your own work is not referenced, if you know some other useful link to public domain work that is missing here, or if you find any invalid links.

    In the following table of contents, italic headings correspond to different files, while roman headings correspond to sections within a file. There are further files not in this table of contents, accessible through links given in individual files.

    Introduction to Global Optimization

    Global Optimization Techniques
    Global Optimization Software
    Local Optimization Software
    Optimization Test Problems
    Global Optimization Test Results
    People in Global (and Local) Optimization
    Applications of Optimization
    More Global (and Local) Optimization
    Topics related to Optimization

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