The following are WWW-references on facial animation that might be useful for research on nonverbal communication. Facial animation is modeling human faces by the computer. Successful modeling always means having found objective information about the phenomenon modeled. So if a computer model shows certain cues in such a way that observers agree it is a cue then an objective description of this cue has been achieved. What I have seen on the site below is rather coarse, but it would be a start and can give guidance to a more NLP-oriented project.

Standards for Facial Animation

Center for Human Modeling and Simulation

Myron L. Braunstein

3D Shape Perception


Theories of Perception

The Perception and Robotics Laboratory

The Roots of Perception

Tutorials in Sensation and Perception

Computational and Neurophysiological Studies of Visual Perception

Publications relating to anything visua

Current Research in Visual Perception


Physiology of Vision & Perception

Visual Perception

Psychology 100

Optical Illusions

Optical Illusions


Some references from a course CN 530: Neural and Computational Models of Vision:

S. Petry and G.E. Meyer(Eds.), The perception of illusory contours, Springer, New York 1989. (This is the book on illusory contours.)

Lesher, G.W., Illusory contours: Toward a neurally based perceptual theory, Psychonomic Bulletin and Review, 2(3) (1995), 279-321. (This is the recent literature review.)

Visualization Software

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More Visualization (unchecked)

Computer Vision Research Groups

Vision Journal Club

UCSC - Perceptual Science Laboratory

Silicon Graphics' SILICON SURF Home Page


Testing NLP
Know Yourself
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