Surface Modeling

Implicit Surfaces

POVRAY isosurface renders an equipotential surface defined by an implicit equation and bound constraints

ZENO implicit surface raytracer (public domain)

Implicit Surface Polygonizer (in C)

Implicit Surfaces Bibliography

Implicit Surface Links (including upcoming conferences)

The Implicit Site
``A Repository for Information on the Use of Implicit Surfaces in Computer Graphics''

Implicit Solid Modeling (ISM)

Implicit Solid Modeling Techniques for Reconstruction of 3-D Data Points

Chek Lim

Andrei Sherstyuk

Nilo Stolte

Mesh Generation

Mesh Generation & Grid Generation on the Web The list of public domain and commercial mesh generators

Mesh Generation: Theory, Algorithms, and Software (A survey by Stephen Vavasis)

Surface Interpolation and Approximation

Surfpack, multidimensional function approximation for sparse, irregularly-spaced data sets (C++ and Fortran 77)

VolPack Volume Rendering Library (free of charge for non-commercial use)

AI-GEOSTATS, Spatial data analysis and Geoinformatic
A very useful source for 2D interpolation and approximation

Surface Reconstruction from Unorganized Points (html, Ph.D. Thesis by Hugues Hoppe)



Links to 3D scanning and surface reconstruction

3D Reconstruction Home Page

Oberflächen- und Volumen-Rekonstruktion komplexer Objekte

Delaunay Triangulation

Voronoi Regions in Arbitrary Dimensions

Frequently Asked Questions in Polyhedral Computation

Surface Fitting Techniques

Tetrahedral and Triangle Methods Bibliography

Surfactor (public domain, SGI executables only)

Volume Visualization Resources (links to public domain software, web pages, etc.)

Image Analysis, Image Processing, and 3-D Reconstruction (including links to public domain software)

Three-dimensional surface reconstruction from multiple images

Annotated Computer Vision Bibliography: Three Dimensional Object Description and Computation Techniques (with many cross-links)

Chandrajit L. Bajaj

Jörg Peters

Hervé Delingette

Marc Levoy

Gregory M. Nielson

Three-Dimensional Surface Reconstruction Bibliography

Perspective Texture Mapping by Chris Hecker

Radial Basis Functions

Scattered Data Interpolation and Approximation using Radial Base Functions, multivariate (in Matlab)

Fast Fitting and Evaluation of Radial Basis Functions

Visualization Software

Ray Tracing

RayLab Raytracer (freeware)

POV-Ray, Persistance of Vision Ray Tracer (freeware)

Raytracing FAQ

Rayshade Raytracer (freeware, programmable?)

The Geometry Center Software Page and its free Geomview interactive 3D geometry viewing program
German mirror site

Data Analysis and Visualization Tools, a comprehensive archive

3-D Software and Imaging Sites

Visualization Software (University of Minnesota Supercomputing Institute)

NASA Annotated Scientific Visualization Bibliography

NIH Image (image processing software) (Macintosh based)

Tess, online 3D graphics newsletter

Visual Numerics (PV-wave, Stanford-Grapics; commercial)

Virtual Image Archive

Software for Graphics and Data Analysis


3d artists from all around the world (collected by Raphael Benedet)

Khoros, image processing and data visualization environment

Digital Image Processing Instructional Database (by Robert Bamberger and Michael Kuperstein)

graphics file formats (from Webopedia, the online encyclopedia dedicated to computer technology)

IGES - Initial Graphics Exchange Specification


Graphics, Modeling, and CAGD Conferences

4th AFA Conf. Curves and Surfaces Saint-Malo (France), July 1-7, 1999.

University of Birmingham UK 31st August - 2nd September 1998

Confirmed invited speakers include:
P. Besl (Silicon Graphics), R. Farouki (University of Michigan), H. Hagen
(University of Kaiserlauten), J. Hoschek (Technische Hochschule Darmstadt),
G. Lukacs (Hungarian Academy of Sciences), D. Manocha (University of North
Carolina), and H.-P. Seidel (University of Erlangen).


Scientific Visualization Bibliography (over 350 annotated references)

3D Graphics Book List

Computational Geometry Database of the Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik, Saarbrücken, Germany

Computational Geometry Pages

Geometry in Action

Directory of Computational Geometry Software

Mathematical Software
Statistics Links
Mathematics Links
Global Optimization
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