Statement of Faith

by Arnold Neumaier (see also the translation in German)


I believe in God, the Creator,
who plants and uproots, builds and tears down,
without whom no grass is growing and no bird is dying,
no country flourishes and no bomb can fall;

and in God, the Almighty, from whom it is said:
``I give you a choice between blessing and curse!'' (Deut. 11:26)
``Is disaster in a city, and the Lord has not caused it?'' (Amos 3:6)
``Is not my word like a hammer that breaks a rock in pieces?'' (Jer. 23:29)
``Does He speak and not act? Promise and not fulfil?'' (Numbers 23:19)

and in God, the Father
who strengthens us and curbs us,
who guides us and reprimands us,
who makes us fit to live in this world of His,
that we gain firmness in the currents of time,
that we know to act when called by Truth,
that we may stand the tensions created by life.


I believe in Jesus Christ, the son of God,
who frees the captives and reassures the crushed,
who offers a goal to the seeker and a home to the lost,
who enriches the poor and puts to shame the rich,
who encourages the weak and challenges the strong;

in whose presence evil gives way and hope blossoms,
sins are forgiven and we begin to love;

in whose hands God has laid the future;
who will surprise us all
when, one day, he'll judge our lives,
and his justice puts an end to our injustice.


I believe in the holy spirit,
who alerts us and makes us persistent,
ready to listen to God,
and capable of doing his will;

who shows us the Truth within a sea of opinions
and the right time to speak and to act;
who reminds us when we are negligent,
and makes us calm when disturbed by worries;

who gives us peace in the midst of conflict,
and a firm stand where everything wavers;
who sets in the community of Christians
a sign of the presence of God.


When God backs us up --
who then can harm us?

When Jesus takes care of us --
who wouldn't awake to life?

When we have the spirit of God --
who can spoil our joy?

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