Global Optimization - Integrating Convexity, Optimization, Logic Programming, and Computational Algebraic Geometry

Other talks given during the GICOLAG program

03.10.2006, 15:00
Florian Jarre
Augmented Primal-Dual Method for Conic Programs

13.10.2006, 14:00
David Gay
The DAKOTA Project: Large-scale Engineering Optimization and Uncertainty Analysis

13.10.2006, 15:00
Christian Keil
Verified Linear Programming

13.10.2006, 16:30
Arnold Neumaier
Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Global Optimality

31.10.2006, 15:00
Stefan Vigerske
LaGO - a Branch and Cut Algorithm for Nonconvex MINLPs

31.10.2006, 16:00
Tibor Csendes
Global Optimization and Verified Numerical Techniques for the Solution of Mathematical Problems

03.11.2006, 10:00
Jean-Pierre Merlet
Interval Analysis, Optimization and Robotics

17.11.2006, 11:00
Franz Winkler
Symbolic Parametrization of Algebraic Curves

21.11.2006, 14:00
Warwick Tucker
Parameter Reconstruction using Interval Analysis

11.12.2006, 16:00
Kurt Anstreicher
An improved algorithm for computing Steiner minimal trees in Euclidean d-space

11.12.2006, 17:00
Mirjam Dür
Towards solving copositive programs

12.12.2006, 09:30
Immanuel Bomze
The first cut is the cheapest - improving SDP bounds for the clique number

12.12.2006, 10:15
Annick Sartenaer
Recursive trust-region methods for multiscale nonlinear optimization

12.12.2006, 11:20
Dorit Hochbaum
Ranking sports teams, web pages, academic papers, and NSF proposals with optimization techniques