Optimal Scheduling

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Planning & Scheduling Benchmarks (B.R. Fox and M. Ringer)

Timetabling Resources on the Internet

Crew Scheduling and Transportation Resources

Scheduling-related links

Knowledge Based Scheduling Archive (Wolfgang Slany)

Useful Links on AI Planning and Scheduling

AMPL Planning Examples

AMPL Scheduling Examples

Proposed New AMPL Features

Brian's Digest: Scheduling

PAMIPS - Development of Parallel Algorithms and Software for Mixed Integer Programming in Industrial Scheduling (an ESPRIT project at the IWR Heidelberg)

Scheduling Multiple Variable Speed Machines (a paper by Michael Trick)

WATT, Working Group on Automated Timetabling

Planning and Scheduling

Wolfgang Slany's thesis on fuzzy scheduling (ps-file, 1802K)


Commercially Available Constraint Programming Tools

ECLiPSe, ECRC Constraint Logic Parallel System constraint satisfaction (cheap for academic users)

ILOG Solver C++ software library which solves industrial problems for which generating or optimizing a solution is a highly combinatorial task, using constraint satisfaction techniques

IF/Prolog Prolog constraint satisfaction package

CHIP Prolog, C, and C++ programs for constraint satisfaction and scheduling


Dan Adelman (cable manufacturing applications)

Gregory Glockner

Martin Savelsbergh

Tim Duncan


Planning and Scheduling Bibliography

Scheduling: a bibliography of Books, Chapters and Articles

Scheduling Bücher Universitätsbibliothek Wien

Scheduling Bücher Technische Universität Wien

Amazon.com - Query Results: Production Scheduling

Fuzzy Logic

Fuzzy Optimization (Wolfgang Slany, Vienna)

The Fuzzy FAQ

Pete Wu's Fuzzy Resources

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