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``Don't be childlike in matters of understanding. Instead be childlike in matters of evil, but be perfect in understanding.''
(1 Cor. 14:20)

This page contains sections on

Mathematical Problems

The Fields Medal

Nobel Prize Winning Mathematicians
(These won Nobel prizes in physics, literature, or economics, since there is none for mathematics, but now there is an Abel Prize in Mathematics, starting in 2003)

The Mathematical Problems of David Hilbert
``Hilbert's address of 1900 to the International Congress of Mathematicians in Paris is perhaps the most influential speech ever given to mathematicians, given by a mathematician, or given about mathematics... Although almost a century old, Hilbert's address is still important and should be read (at least in part) by anyone interested in pursuing research in mathematics. ''

Millenium Prize Problems
``important classic [mathematical] questions that have resisted solution over the years''

Famous (and less famous) Unsolved Problems in Mathematics (from mathworld)

Mathematical Problems - Problem Solving collected by Bruno Kevius

Fatal Bugs in Numerical Software

Information about Mathematics