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Our Work in Statistics

(see also Uncertainty modeling)

Philosophy of Probability

Probability and Chance: Their Nature and Meaning ``... we define "chance" as the absence of predictive power and/or explanation and/or control.''

The Imprecise Probabilities Project

Probability Theory: The Logic of Science (by E.T. Jaynes)


NIST/SEMATECH Engineering Statistics Internet Handbook
An online handbook with lots of information on concepts and methods of applied statistics

A Practical Guide to the Use of Selected Multivariate Statistics (by Mike Wulder)

Machine Learning, Neural and Statistical Classification (online copy of the book by Michie, Spiegelhalter and Taylor) and associated StatLog datasets

Pattern Recognition for the Human Computer Interface Design (by Richard O. Duda)

Statistics FAQ

many links leading to lecture notes, java applets making statistics easier to understand, glossaries, statistics dictionaries and many more

Software Libraries

Fatlab, fundamental algorithmic and statistical tools (in C++)

StatCodes, On-line statistical software for astronomy and related fields

StatLib (Carnegie-Mellon University)

STARPAC Standards Time Series and Regression Package (free, general purpose statistical library)

NCAR's Mathematical and Statistical Libraries

Stat/Math Statistical Resources (of the Indiana Univeristy Center for Statistical and Mathematical Computing)

Data Analysis and Visualization Tools

Statistical Sites by Application

S plus

Guide to Statistical Computing Resources on the Internet

Statistics and Computing

S*i*ftware: Tools for Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

XploRe free statistics software package

Lists of Links

Statistical Data Sets (my own rather comprehensive list)

Statistics on the Web (by Clay Helmberg)

Statistical Software (links by Rainer Würländer)

A Guide to Statistical Computing Resources on the Internet (by Ken Varnum and John Weise)

On-Line Software for Clustering and Multivariate Analysis

Public Domain Software for Graphics and Data Analysis

see also my list of links to Visualization Software

GAMS - Statistics and Probability

Some Statistics Resources on the Web (by Greg Simmons)

A Guide to the Web for Statisticians

Data Analysis and Visualization Tools

Business Statistics on the Web

Data Fitting Software

Spatial Interpolation Comparison 97 (a contest of interpolation techniques)

Fast Fitting and Evaluation of Radial Basis Functions

Scattered Data Interpolation and Approximation using Radial Base Functions, multivariate (in Matlab)

DACE, A Matlab Kriging Toolbox

A matlab toolkit for interpolating scattered data (kriging, natural neighbor, radial basis functions, etc.)

SUrrogate MOdeling (SUMO) Toolbox (in Matlab)

Spatial Statistics Toolbox for Matlab

Radial Basis Function Networks (including subset selection)

DACE, Matlab Kriging Toolbox

TSFIT, C library for large-scale scattered data fitting

LOCFIT: A program for local fitting

LibLip, interpolation of multivariate scattered data by piecewise linear functions (in C++)

ODRPACK (orthogonal distance regression)

tension spline curve-fitting package in Fortran77 (252K, by R. J. Renka)

Constrained two-dimensional Delauney triangulations in Fortran77 (189K, by R. J. Renka)

Scattered data fitting in Fortran77 (210K, by R. J. Renka)
uses constrained surface under tension, splines for Data Mining (by Alexander Rozhenko)

TOMS/677 in Fortran77 (by Montefusco and Casciola)
interpolation of rapidly varying function values given at points irregularly distributed in the plane

linear regression under a least absolute value criterion in Fortran77 (by Armstrong, Beck and Kung)

Shape preserving piecewise quadratic interpolation in Fortran77 (by Mcallister and Roulier)

Solving linear equations in the L1 sense in Fortran77 (by Bartels and Conn)
with or without linear constraints

Parameter Estimation Software (by Klaus Schittkowski)

Spherekit: The Spatial Interpolation Toolkit (interpolation on the sphere)

3D Reconstruction Home Page

AI-GEOSTATS, Spatial data analysis and Geoinformatic
A very useful source for 2D interpolation and approximation

Natural Neighbor Interpolation

Tables of Points on Spheres (by Neil Sloane)

Software based on thin-plate splines

Edgewarp, Thin-plane splines with edgels (by Bill Green and Fred L. Bookstein)

Subset regression programs (by Alan Miller)

Smoothing Software (Department of Biostatistics, Zurich)

Random Data Interpolation Center

Classification Software

Classification Toolbox for Matlab

MATLAB Support Vector Machine Toolbox

OSU SVM Classifier Matlab Toolbox

Statistical Pattern Recognition Toolbox for Matlab (by Vojtech Franc)

NETLAB, neural network software in Matlab

Hidden Markov Model (HMM) Toolbox

Bayes Net Toolbox (by Kevin Murphy)

Matlab Clustering Package

AutoClass unsupervised Bayes Classifier in Lisp and C

OC1, Oblique Decision Tree Classifier in C (by Sreerama K. Murthy)
oc1.tar.Z (291K)

LMDT, Linear Machine Decision Trees (by Carla Brodley and Paul Utgoff)

SE-Learn, Set Enumeration (SE) trees (in Lisp, by Ron Rymon and Bob Schrag)

Pointers to: On-Line Software for Clustering and Multivariate Analysis (text only; no links)

statlib/multi, Routines for Classification and Multivariate Analyis

ECOBWEB, hierarchical classification trees (in Common Lisp, by Yoram Reich)

CART, Classification And Regression Trees (commercial)

IND decision tree package (commercial)

StatCodes - Multivariate clustering & classification

MCLUST - Model-Based Clustering (S-plus software by Chris Fraley)

EDAPLUS, cluster analysis (.zip file)

Bayesian Network Repository (datasets)

Mixture Modelling

AutoClass C, unsupervised Bayesian classification system

Snob, Mixture Modelling by Minimum Message Length

ML-Program-Library with public domain variants of programs like COBWEB, ID3, ...

Mixture Modelling page

International Workshop on Mixtures 1995

Constrained Maximum Likelihood Modeling with Gaussian Distributions

Classification Bibliographies

Density Estimation Software

Kernel density estimation toolbox for Matlab (in Matlab, by Alexander Ihler)

Smoothing, Functional Data Analysis, and Distance Weighted Discrimination Software (in Matlab, by Steve Marron)

ASH, Average Shifted Histogram (by David Scott)

statlib/S/logspline, smoothing spline density estimator (189K; in C, by Charles Kooperberg)

AS 176, kernel density estimation by FFT (in Fortran 77)

LOCFIT, Local Regression and Density Estimation (in C and S, by Clive Loader)

StatCodes - Density estimation and smoothing

MCLUST - Model-Based Clustering Software

Time Series Analysis

Kalman filter toolbox for Matlab

StatCodes - Time Series Analysis

STARPAC Standards Time Series and Regression Package (free, general purpose statistical library)

Time Series and Forecasting on the Web

Forecasting FAQ

Forecasting Mailing List

M3-International Journal of Forecasting Competition

International Institute of Forecasters

Applied Bayesian Forecasting and Time Series Analysis

Longitudinal data (rudimentary)

Oswald, Object oriented SoftWare for the Analysis of Longitudinal Data in S-plus

On-Line Course on Longitudinal Data Analysis

Peter J. Diggle

Experimental Designs (rudimentary)

Tables of Points on Spheres (by Neil Sloane)

Combinatorial Designs

Gosset - A General Purpose Program for Designing Experiments (by R. H. Hardin and N. J. A. Sloane)

Software for Design and Analysis of Experiments

CodEc - Programs for Economics and Econometrics

OA, Victoria Chen's MATLAB routines that generate orthogonal arrays of strength three with index unity.

Statistics Data

There is a separate file for my rather comprehensive list of Statistical Data Sets


Bibliography of `Pattern Recognition and Neural Networks' by B.D. Ripley

Real-world Applications

Bibliography for Computational Probability and Statistics
(and Statistic Journals Websites)

Statistics and related journals on the Web

Some Conferences (rudimentary)

29th Symposium on the Interface: Computing Science and Statistics ``Mining and Modeling Massive Data Sets'' Rice University, May 14-17, 1997

NSF Workshop: Bumps, Jumps, Clustering, and Discrimination Texas Medical Center, Houston, TX, May 12-14, 1997

Learning Methods for Prediction, Classification Novelty Detection and Time Series Analysis, Cambridge, MA, September 20-21, 1996; Los Angeles, CA, December 14-15, 1996

Important Sites

University of Florida Department of Statistics
with a list of Departments of Statistics throughout the world

ST-Net Archive (stochastics newsletter)

Response Surface Methodology Bibliography

Resampling Statistics

The Probability Web

Stochastic Programming

Courses on Chance ``We do not intend for Chance to replace an introductory statistics or probability course; its aim is rather to encourage students to think more rationally about chance events and to make them more informed readers of the daily press. Of course, we do hope it will also encourage the students to continue their study of statistics and probability, either informally or in future courses. In our pilot versions, we have assumed only high school mathematics as a prerequisite.''

Quantum Probability

Quantum Probability

Addresses of Quantum Probabilitists

Some People in Statistics

Noel Cressie

Luc Devroye

Brian Ripley Steve Marron

Some Statistics Departments

University of Florida Department of Statistics
with lots of statistics links

StatLib Statistics Departments

Statistics Research at AT&T Bell Lab

Dept. of Statistics, University of Oxford (Ripley)

Some Applications

Pattern Recognition at Delft

Speech Research

Quantitative Genetics

AI-GEOSTATS, Spatial data analysis and Geoinformatic
A very useful source for 2D interpolation and approximation

Surface Reconstruction from Unorganized Points (html, Ph.D. Thesis by Hugues Hoppe)

Computational Economics

Resources for Economists on The Internet

First Steps towards the Digital Violin

Fitting H_3 potential energies

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