Our own work

Solving ill-conditioned and singular linear systems: A tutorial on regularization (my views on regularization)

Image reconstruction through regularization by envelope guided conjugate gradients (my tomography paper)

Some Good Sites

Regularization Tools (Matlab toolbox by Per Christian Hansen)

IPNet: Inverse Problems Network

Inverse Problems at the Industrial Mathematics Institute Linz and some of its Industrial Projects

Inverse Problems Home Page (Univ. of Alabama)

INTEGRA - Geophysical 3-D Modeling

IDENT, Inverse Problems at INRIA

Inverse Problems Home Page (University of Alabama)

Geophysical Inverse Theory (by John A. Scales and Martin L. Smith)

Parameter Estimation Projects at BOKU Wien

Surface Interpolation and Approximation

Some People

Heinz Engl (inverse and ill-posed problems)

Jerry Eriksson (nonlinear least squares regularization)
with online thesis

Martin Hanke (numerical methods for ill-posed problems)

Per Christian Hansen (discrete ill-posed problems)

Joe Matarese (geophysical inverse problems)

Grace Wahba (smoothing splines)

IPNet: Inverse Problems Network (providing the IPNet Digest, email addresses and home pages of people working in the field)

Some Applications

Deconvolution of Hubble Space Telescope Images and Spectra (by Hanisch, White and Gilliland)

Evaluation of Image Restoration Algorithms Applied to Hubble Space Telescope Images

Image Restoration References

Digital Mammography Home Page

Computer Vision

Detection and Tracking of Vortices on Oceanographic Images from INRIA Studies in Dynamic Ground-Sea-Atmospheric Observations

Multiresolution Analysis

Some Journals

Inverse Problems

Some Conferences

International Workshop on Nonlinear and Improperly Posed Problems, August 15-13, 1998, Kocaeli, Turkey

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