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Useful books on AI:

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Other AI textbooks

Google Scholar (search for scientific papers)

u:access connection (for articles behind a paywall, but licenced by the library of the University of Vienna)

Artificial Intelligence, Mathematics, and Consciousness

MathResS - an automatic mathematical research system

Wolfram|Alpha, search engine allowing (limited) mathematical queries

AI in Austria and the World

ÖGAI, Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence

Institute for Artificial Intelligence (Medical University of Vienna)

American Association of Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

UCI Machine Learning (mainly logic based)

Mathematical Programming in Machine Learning (Olvi Mangasarian)

Classification and Pattern Recognition

Classification Software (my rather comprehensive list of links)

Classification Society of North America

Pattern Recognition on the Web (a list of links)

2>Real-world Applications Machine Learning in Games

WebWatcher Home Page

Data Sets

There is a separate file for my rather comprehensive list of Statistical Data Sets, including data sets for machine learning and pattern recognition

Automatic and Probabilistic Reasoning

A Brief Introduction to Graphical Models and Bayesian Networks

Association for Uncertainty in AI

Probabilistic Reasoning in Computing

Probablilistic networks and explanatory coherence (Paul Thagard)

Proof General, Interactive Proof Assistant

Stream Learning


VFML, Very Fast Machine Learning (in C, By Hulten and Domingos)

MOA, Massive Online Analysis (in Java, by Richard Kirkby)

WEKA, Waikato Environment for Knowledge Analysis (in Java)

Robots and Intelligent Machines

NQC, Not Quite C (LEGO Mindstorm Programming Language)

Spinoza (a robot)

Cog (a robot)

Humanoid Robotics Group

The Learning Systems Laboratory (Tom Duckett)

The Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Systems (IRIS) (J. Little)

Artificial Intelligence at Brown University

Computer vision

VXL homepage

Computer Vision Home Page

Rosenfeld Bibliographies of Computer Vision

Detection and Recognition of Spatio-temporal Events

Facial Animation and modeling

USCS Perceptual Science Laboratory

Appearance Based Object Recognition

The Facial Recognition Technology (FERET) Database (free)

XM2VTSDB multi-modal face database (at nominal cost)

CogViSys -- Cognitive Vision Systems


GNU Chess

Machine Learning in Games

Bibliography on Machine Learning in Strategic Game Playing

AI and Religion

Artificial Intelligence, Mathematics, and Consciousness, Slides, 2016.

The Courage to Doubt (by Anne Foerst)

Theology, Religion and Artificial Intelligence A non-exhaustive bibliography

Robert M. Geraci

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