Morphometrics is the branch of mathematics studying the metrical and statistical properties of shapes and shape changes of geometric objects like molecules, fossiles, brains, bird wings, ancient handcraft, modern cars, etc.

Morphometrics at SUNY Stony Brooks
people, software, datasets, glossary, books, workshops

Morphometrics Resources
(old link)

Bibliography of Papers Using Landmark Methods

morphologika, an integrated suite of programs for 2D and 3D shape analysis

London Applied Shape Analysis Forum

PaleoNet (paleontological resources)

I.L. Dryden and K.V. Mardia, Statistical Shape Analysis, Wiley 1998
(book, datasets, software)

APS: Procrustes & Statistics software

Annotated Computer Vision Bibliography (in particular section 11)

Flexible Models for Computer Vision

IUE Image Understanding Environment

Quantitative Analysis of Biomedical Images

The Face Recognition Home Page
research groups, commercial products, freeware, tutorials, face databases, newsgroups, online publications, face recognition bibliography, upcoming events

Computer Assisted Facial Reconstruction

Shape Analysis and Classification
(a book by Luciano Da Fontoura Costa and Roberto Marcondes Cesar Jr.)

Some people

Johann Kim

Nicholas Ayache (medical computer vision)

Jonathan Carr (surface reconstruction)

Tim Cootes (active appearance models)

David Dean (3D morphometrics; fossil reconstruction)
(old link, old link)

Ian Dryden (shape analysis and spacial statistics)

Colin Goodall (robust shape analysis)

Subhash Lele (Euclidean distance matrix analysis)

J.P. Mellor (biological and computer vision; image guided surgery)

Joan Richtsmeier (Euclidean distance matrix analysis)

Horst Seidler (stereolithography)

Christopher Taylor (active shape models)

Gerhard Weber (virtual anthropology)

Stan Sclaroff (ShapeMorph)

Morphometrics Basics

On Growth and Form

Shape Changes in Biology

On Growth and Form [link no longer valid]
A computational version of Thompson's 1917 observations on comparative morphology

Parametric Mesh Study "On Growth and Form"

Chemometrics from A to Z

Reconstruction of Human Fossils

Reconstruction of Human Fossils

Facial Animation, fleshing out anatomic structure

More Morphometrics

wolfson image analysis unit (machine vision; face image understanding)

CWRU Morphometrics Imaging Lab (David Dean)

3-D Laser Scanning for Biology, Anthropology, and Archaeology

Analysis of Craniofacial Asymmetry Using Accurate Three-Dimensional Coordinates on the Skull (Kiyonori Harii)

Pattern formation

Bolton-Brush Growth Study Center
with the world's largest collection of human longitudinal growth data

3D Morphing of Anthropoid Craniofacial Morphology

Background from Anthropology

Anthropology Links

Paleoanthropology Exposition (by Rex Kwok)

Fossil Hominids FAQ (from the Talk.Origin Archive)

Contemporary Skulls

Hominid Skull

Craniofacial Identification Newsletter (facial reconstruction from skull)

Institute for Craniofacial Plastic Surgery

Cranio-Facial modelling

MIT Media Laboratory - Face Recognition

The Visible Human Project and again, The Visible Human Project

``a true 3D atlas of the head, skull and brain from the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science in Medicine, Hamburg''

Computer Aided Surgery and Treatment Planning at the Mayo Clinic
a.o. on craniofacial surgery planning

Biomechanik TU Wien

Human Motion Capture and Representation

Fine-scale Human Skin Structure Rendering

Computer Vision Home Page

Links to Government and Private Forensic Sites (identification of people for criminal investigation)

Morphometrics in Geology/Paleontology

Land Surface Characteristics Data

Assorted Earth Science WWW Links

Alexander Thom, Megalithic sites in Britain. Oxford, 1967.

Oil: Not Exactly Dead Dinosaurs

A Collection of Paleontology Resources

Dating methods

Earth Science Guide to Fossil Dating

For kids/Suggested by kids

Fossils for Kids

Dinosaur Fossil Dating

A Paleontologist's Guide to Dental Analysis

Learn All About Dinosaur Teeth

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Some Conferences

Some(!) Conferences (Visualization & Computer Graphics)
past and future

ICCV '99, 7th IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision
September 20-25, 1999, Corfu, Greece.

MICCAI'99, Second International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention
September 19-23, 1999, Cambridge, UK

BioGeo Images 99, Image analysis and morphometry of geological objects
Dijon, September 6-9, 1999

7th Summer School on Image Processing
July 2-11, 1999: Szeged, Hungary

IPMI99, Information Processing in Medical Imaging
June 28 - July 2, 1999, Visegrád, Hungary

Geometric morphometrics at SUNY Stony Brooks
Fall 1998

Intermorph, International shape analysis workshop
Durban, 22 - 25 June 1998

3D Visualization Software

The Geometry Center Software Page and its free Geomview interactive 3D geometry viewing program

My Surface Interpolation and Approximation Links

My Visualization Software Links

Center for Human Modeling and Simulation

Standards for Facial Animation

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