Restricted Maximum Likelihood (REML) Methods

Our Work

Restricted maximum likelihood estimation of covariances in sparse linear models (a survey paper)

VCE software, partly based on the preceding paper

REML Estimation

ACRE, parallel REML code by Joel Malard, using PETSc 2.2.0 and TAO 1.6

Multiple Trait Derivative Free REML



REML Estimation of Genetic Variances, Chapter 27 of the Quantitative Genetics Resources

A Bibliography on Variance Components Analysis of Human Quantitative Traits

Nonlinear mixed model estimation

The nlme package, linear and nonlinear mixed effects models (2007)

Nlmix maximum likelihood estimation software of the Nonlinear Mixed Effects Model (1992)

Fitting Nonlinear Mixed Models with the New NLMIXED Procedure

Computational approaches for maximum likelihood estimation for nonlinear mixed models

Nonlinear mixed-effects modeling: individualization and prediction

Modeling and prediction of forest growth variables based on multilevel nonlinear mixed models

Multilevel modelling of complex survey data

Computational methods for mixed models , linear and nonlinear
(about lme4, implemented in R)

GLMMLasso: An Algorithm for High-Dimensional Generalized Linear Mixed Models Using L1-Penalization

Labor market models

Differential Privacy Applications to Bayesian and Linear Mixed Model Estimation (by John Abowd)

Econometric Analyses of Linked Employer-Employee Data (by John Abowd)

Plant and Animal Breeding

Quantitative Genetics Resources

Animal Geneticists Discussion Group

Directory of Animal Breeders and Geneticists

Population Genetics/Evolution Email List

Software in animal breeding

Breeding Software, a list from the Forest Genetics Page

Eildert Groeneveld

Ina Hoeschele

Brian Kinghorn

Karin Meyer

Ignacy Misztal

Larry Schaeffer

Bruce Walsh

Julius van der Werf

Charles Roy Henderson
Some Advice to Young Scientists

Course Notes

Animal Models (ps and pdf, by Larry Schaeffer)

Quantitative Genetics Theory in Animal Breeding (ps and pdf, by Larry Schaeffer)

Quantitative Genetics (ps and pdf, by Brian Kennedy)

Statistical Methods in Quantitative Genetics (pdf, by Stephanie Monks)


John Hewitt (Behavioral Genetics)

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