Weather Prediction, etc.

Institute for Meteorology and Geophysics, University of Vienna

Evolution of Initial Uncertainty in Numerical Weather Prediction Models and Implications for Forecast Skill Prediction (Martin Ehrendorfer)

UCLA Earth System Model (ESM)

Klimamodelle und Experimente zur Klimašnderung (Klimamodelle - wo stehen wir? Phys. Bl. 51 (1995) Nr.4)

Global Warming Update

Heating Up the Earth - Global Warming for Kids!

Atlantic Oceanographic & Meteorological Laboratory Miami

Institute for Computational Earth System Science (ICESS) (University of California, Santa Barbara)

Parallel Processing in Climate Modeling (CHAMMP)

High-Performance Global Climate Modeling at LLNL (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)

Hans von Storch (Meteorological Institute Hamburg)

Hans Wackernagel

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