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The following is a result of responses to the following request to sci.op-research: ``I am looking for references to (electronically accessible) examples and case studies of applications of nonlinear programming to the real world, or simplified such problems, suitable for use in an (advanced) optimization course.''

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Problems I'd Like to See Treated

Guaranteeing bounds on uncertainty in metrology

Optimization Teaching Material

An Introductory Operations Research Course by J.E. Beasley

Optimization and Control Course by Richard Weber (and its table of contents ps-file)

Operations Research and Management Science Courses on the Web

OR teaching material available on the Web by the Operational Research Society

INFORMS Forum on Education

World Lecture Hall, with links to class materials on topics from A(ccounting) to Z(oology))

Puzzles and Paradoxes, a good place for finding neat integer programming instances

Web Pages With Applications

NEOS Guide: Case Studies (at Argonne National Laboratory)

Applications of Constrained Optimization Software (at Stanford University)

AMPL in Action

GAMS Model Library

Systems Analysis at Helsinki University of Technology

CUTE Collection of Applications
To get an idea of what is there, try to get the mastsif/ subdirectory. However, it has a directory size of 169K. So after waiting for a while, push the netscape stop button so that you can see at least the leading batch; then follow the links to a few random examples... If this is what you expected, you should get the collection by ftp and not via WWW. The directions are in the README file.

Studying how experts formulate models

MINPACK-2 Large-Scale Optimization Model Problems

Applications of Evolutionary Algorithms (ps.gz, 112K; by Bäck, Hoffmeister and Schwefel)

Unsolved Problems in Stochastic Optimization

Bibliography in Public Transportation (by Anita Schoebel)

Shape optimization

Transportation Network Operations

COKE: Efficient solving of complex assignment problems with the propose-and-exchange method (by K. Poeck and F. Puppe)

Optimisation of Mine Production Scheduling - The State of the Art (by Gordon Thomas)

GLOBSOL list of applications

Modelling by Genetic Programming


Structured Modeling (by Arthur Geoffrion)

Software for Optimization: A Buyer's Guide (by Robert Fourer)

Mathematical Modeling Books (collected by Anne Morlet)

Packing and Covering Problems

The Kepler Conjecture (densest ball arrangement in R^n)

The Kepler Conjecture Solved

Packing Circles

Some Papers on Applications of Optimization

College Timetabling

Global Optimization in Control System Analysis and Design (by Stephen Boyd et al.)

Global Optimization papers in Chemical and Phase Equilibrium Problem

Global Optimization Algorithm for the Chemical and Phase Equilibrium Problem (Mongeau; ps.gz file, 71K)

Gosset - Optimizer for Designing Experiments (by R. H. Hardin and N. J. A. Sloane)

Constructing Spherical Codes by Global Optimization Methods (by Kari J. Nurmela)

A Parallel Global Optimization Method for Molecular Configuration Problems (by Richard H. Byrd, Elizabeth Eskow, Andre van der Hoek, and Robert B. Schnabel)

Global and Hybrid Optimization in Geophysical Inversion (by Raghu Chunduru)

Large-scale global optimizations in VLSI CAD

Global Optimization in the Localization of Brain Activity (by Kimmo Uutela)

Applying Tabu Search to Determine New Ramsey Graphs (by Konrad Piwakowski)

Applied Research Projects at ZIB Berlin

Database Optimization (by Patrick van Bommel)

Global Optimisation in Thin Film Design (Dongguang Li)

Genetic algorithms in Hydrodynamics

in French

Combinatorial Optimization at LAMSADE

in German

Übungsaufgaben Optimierung I, Prof. Maurer with many small LP examples having an application flavor

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