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Constraint Satisfaction

Online Computer Science Degree Guide: Constraint Programming

Constraints Archive ``including a directory of people interested in constraints, constraint bibliographies, a collection of on-line papers, a variety of systems and benchmarks''

Constraint satisfaction FAQ, Part 1

Commercially Available Constraint Programming Tools

Constrained Logic Programming
(get the index file first)

Sensitivity Analysis

Bibliography for Optimization with Sensitivity Analysis

Stochastic Programming

Stochastic Programming

Stochastic Programming (NEOS Guide)

Stochastic Linear Programming (NEOS Guide)

Stochastic Programming Page

MSLiP, Multistage Stochastic Linear Programming Code

Stochastic Programming Bibliography

Stochastic Integer Programming Bibliography

Stochastic Model Order Form

Multiobjective Programming

Multiobjective Optimization Bibliography

NBI, Normal-Boundary Intersection multicriteria optimization

IOSO, Indirect Optimization Based on Self-Organization (builds local statistical models and optimizes these)


NIMBUS interactive multiobjective optimization system (commercial)

Repository on Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization

An Annotated Bibliography of Multiobjective Combinatorial Optimization

Optimal Scheduling

Optimal Scheduling Links

JOBSHOP, a set of C programs for the job-shop scheduling problems (by Applegate and Cook)

Scheduling Benchmarks

Bibliography on Fuzzy-Scheduling
and Abstracts

Automatic Differentiation

Argonne Automatic Differentiation Page with the ADIFOR Fortran 77 automatic differentiation processor (free use for educational and non-profit research)

ADOL-C Package for the Automatic Differentiation of Algorithms (484K, in C/C++, by Griewank, Juedes, and Utke)
official ADOL-C web pages, TOMS version

Fortran code for automatic differentiation (284K, by Dobmann, Liepelt and Schittkowski)

Estimating sparse hessian matrices, difference of gradients in Fortran77 (by Coleman, Garbow and Moré)

FADBAD and TADIFF C++ packages for performing automatic differentiation of functions implemented as C/C++ programs (including interval enclosures)

ADMIT-1, sparse Jacobian and Hessian matrices in Matlab, by automatic differentiation (by Coleman and Verma)

ADMAT, Automatic Differentiation toolbox for MATLAB 5.0

DAEPACK symbolic program manipulation (differentiation, interval evaluation, sensitivity analysis for zeros of nonlinear systems and for numerical integration)

Fuzzy Logic

Fuzzy Optimization (Wolfgang Slany, Vienna)

The Fuzzy FAQ

Pete Wu's Fuzzy Resources

Knowledge Based Scheduling Archive

Neural Nets

Neural Net FAQ (one of the most professional FAQs I ever saw)

Neural network resources

CMU Neural Network Benchmark Collection

NEuroNet - European Network of Excellence

Neurosciences Internet Resource Guide

YAHOO Neural Networks List

Modeling Languages and Programming Environments

AMPL: A Modeling Language for Mathematical Programming

Hooking Your Own Solver to AMPL

General Algebraic Modeling System (GAMS)

Problem Solving Environments Site (by John Rice)

PVM demo page (parallelization software)

NetSolve (solve your problems via the internet)

MProbe (analyze nonlinear functions in AMPL to discern their shapes)

Mathematical Modeling

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